Our Investment Strategy

Realwave's investment strategy is centered on identifying market inefficiencies and distortions, recapitalizing and repositioning assets, and enhancing property cash flows and values.
Value Enhancement
Realwave focuses primarily on assets that have been impaired by mismanagement, inadequate capitalization, economic dislocation, and other market inefficiencies.

Our team of specialists has demonstrated proficiency in managing, recapitalizing and repositioning assets while making these enhanced properties attractive to institutional and end-user participants in the real estate market.

Specific examples of value enhancement include: strategic capital investment; implementation of cost- reduction programs; redevelopment and repositioning projects to enhance leaseability, including change of use; purchase, workout or restructure of defaulted debt; recapitalizations; and high-yield mortgage loans.
Realwave's experience as a purchaser of distressed properties dates back to its inception, including transactions involving the purchase of defaulted debt, assets acquired from distressed sellers, and recapitalizations.

With considerable capital market knowledge and extensive real estate expertise, Realwave is able to quickly understand and analyze even the most challenging issues and craft innovative investment solutions.

Realwave's creative and flexible approach to acquisitions includes debt, equity, all-cash, and hybrid structures.

Realwave is adept at evaluating and closing projects on an accelerated time frame, without a financing contingency, to meet the objectives of sellers, partners and lenders.
Realwave forms joint-ventures with local partners that have extensive familiarity with local property market conditions and possess superior asset-level management and execution capabilities.

With ready access to capital and creative structuring solutions, Realwave is an attractive choice for existing owners seeking to recapitalize properties and retain an interest in the deal.